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The HomeBrew Gen3 (HBG3) Parts List

Here are some of the parts that are used for building variations of the HBG3.

Standard Parts Included In the Kit

  • The HomeBrew Gen3 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with factory-soldered SMDs. Available from the author.
  • The 30-pin ESP32 DevKit-v1 processor module. Pay attention to the micro-USB connector: it should have mechanical through-hole attachment points, rather than 100% surface-mount. Otherwise it is likely to break off with repeated use. Best to use one that does NOT have presoldered pin headers.
    AliExpress: (select the big module with pin headers, aka. "Color ESP32").
  • RJ12 6P6C (six position, six conductor) AUX connector.
    DigiKey: (lots of similar ones exist).
  • Nunchuck socket. Only one source seems to exist for these.
    AliExpress: (either "color").
  • White/red 0.96" OLED (not blue!), longer pins, button switch, and red filter: White OLED with pads in correct sequence. Longer pins needed for attaching OLED (choose 17mm version). Button switch for OLED menus. Red Gel filter material for OLED (choose Red).
  • Mini 3-pin 5V buck convertor. This miniature switching power supply converts 8-24V input (normally 12V) down to 5V, to power the ESP32 module and other components of the HBG3. It must be a buck converter, not a simple (hot!) linear regulator.
    AliExpress: (select the 5V version).
  • Two mini slide switches: one for MUSB/RF-Kill, the other for WiFi mode selection.
    AliExpress: (select SS-12D00G 5mm).
  • One extra long single pin header, or a length of stiff wire. This is used to connect the WiFi switch to the HBG3.
  • One 2-pin straight header for the MUSB switch.
  • A short length of 35mm round (50mm when flat) transparent heat-shrink tubing, for a simple "enclosure".
  • A short AUX cable (not shown), with 6P6C connectors crimped on both ends. Best to buy a crimper plus connectors and crimp your own. Each end of the cable should have identical wire colour orders when viewed side by side.
  • Optional Extras For A Fancier Build

  • Beitian BN-180, BE-180, or BE-182 GPS Receiver Module with 4-wire serial interface. The BN-180 is the proven incumbent, but the BE-180/BE-182 are newer and faster.
    AliExpress: (select the BE-180).
  • 3D Printed enclosure instead of heat-shrink. Plans are available for a few different versions.
    Cloudy Nights:
  • For The Smart Dew Heater Function

  • Here is a nice 3D-Printable case for Dew Control.
  • Sensor for ambient temperature and humidity. Best to get one with a molded house and integrated cable assembly.
    SHT30 sensor: AliExpress: (select SHT30-White).
  • Opti-Coupled MOSFETs: AliExpress:
  • One 10K 1% Resistor for each thermistor (anywhere).
  • For Dew Controller wiring, see here.