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HomeBrew Gen3 Ethernet Dongle (Dec/2022)

Here is construction of a Celestron AUX port Ethernet dongle, using the HomeBrew Gen3a PCB for the AUX interface.
This design uses the HomeBrew Gen3a PCB (green), a 5V/16MHz Arduino Pro Micro clone board (at right), and a W5500 Ethernet module with onboard 3.3V regulator. I have removed the factory pin-header from the W5500 board for easier construction.
First step is to remove the pin-header from the W5500 board, and then solder a small slider switch to the side of the Ethernet jack.
Double sided 3M mounting tape is used to hold things together before the final heat-shrink tubing gets applied.
The three modules get stacked together with 3M tape in the configuration shown here.
Side view of the three stacked modules.
Here it is, all wired up and working. The W5500 Ethernet SPI interface gets wired to the standard SPI pins on the Pro Micro module. 5V/GND for both come from the Gen3a PCB. Then the RX, RX, BusyIn, and BusyOut signals get connected to the Pro Micro from the Gen3a PCB.
View of the Gen3a PCB on the assembled unit.
Top view of the assembled and working unit.
Finally, the assembly gets encased in clear heat-shrinkable tubing to protect the electronics. Small gaps around the ends are filled with hot-melt glue.
The final product.
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