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Backport of tmdb3.py (TheMovieDB protocol 3) for mythtv-0.24-fixes

In mid September/2013, tmdb.org (aka. themoviedb.org) switched off access from MythTV versions prior to mythtv-0.26, by dropping support for the original protocol used by movie database lookups. For those of us running heavily customized installations of mythtv-0.24 and mythtv-0.25, this was a bit of a disaster.

So.. here is support for the new protocol, back-ported from mythtv-0.26, in a nice and easily-installable form.

Updated 18-Sep-2015 to speed-up lookups, work around tmdb3 bugs, and include YEAR in the results list
Updated 20-Aug-2015 to re-add missing files from the 01-Jun-2015 version.
Updated 07-Jun-2015 with latest tmdb3-0.7.2 files to fix single-word title lookups.
Updated 02-Feb-2014 from latest upstream: fixes bug whereby some lookups returned no data.

Installation Instructions:

Download this .tar archive: tmdb3_workaround.tgz
Install/upgrade it on each backend and frontend machine with these commands:
        sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.[67]/tmdb3*
        sudo rm -rf /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.[67]/MythTV3
        sudo tar -Pvxf tmdb3_workaround.tgz

It provides all of the new "protocol 3" python scripts required, along with the tmdb3.py script itself, plus a duplicate of the script, named tmdb.py for direct use with mythtv-0.24 and mythtv-0.25.

Python-2.6 or Python-2.7 is assumed. If your system has a different version, then you may have to move the files around after installation. But most setups from the 0.24 era are using Python-2.6 or Python-2.7 so it should just work without fuss.

The Longer Explanation:

The technique used is the same as described by user xrxca in this mythtvtalk thread.

The script can be tested from the command line, like this:

        /usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Movie/tmdb3.py -M "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"