Previous image Up to current index page (1) Next image The parts required include: a wooden tongue depressor (or similar item), a Beitian BN-180 GPS module, a genuine Sparkfun branded 5V/16MHz Arduino Pro Micro board, one 100K ohm resistor, two 1N4148 diodes, and a short length of 6-conductor flat cable with a 6P6C RJ12 plug on one end.Any resistor from 50K to 100K will probably work. And the diodes could be any type such as 1N4148, 1N5817, or 1N4007 etc..The Pro Micro board must be a Sparkfun branded one, because those can safely handle +12V power from the Celestron AUX connector. No-name clone boards nearly always go up in smoke, because they skimped on the $2 voltage regular chip. Here is the wiring diagram for this project. First step is to stick the BN-180 and Pro Micro board down onto a segment of the tongue depressor, using double-sided sticky tape. Now wire up the BN-180 to the Pro Micro, and also attach the resistor and the diode for the TXO line as shown. The black striped end of the diode goes closest to the TXO pin. Also install the second diode to the RAW pin, with the black striped end closest to the RAW pin.
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Here is the wiring diagram for this project.
Here is the wiring diagram for this project. (promicro-gps)
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