Previous image Up to current index page (2) That's it for the wiring, other than fixing any mistakes! Now, before applying the heat-shrink tubing, a little extra protection is needed in two places. Use tweezers to pull a small square of (ORANGE here) electrical tape underneath the solder connects at the buck converter. And similarly a second square between the buck and the exposed diode wire, to prevent short circuits in either location as things get squeezed together. The solder joints under the buck converter should be smooth with no point protrusions. My tubing of choice: adhesive backed (on the inside) 32mm clear heat shrinkable tubing. Apply a hot air gun to it, warming it evenly all around until it shrinks tight. Then, while it is still hot, squeeze the tubing flat around the cable, and also all around the RJ45 jack. The internal adhesive should stick in place as it cools. The "mode switch" may require cutting-out afterward. Oh, and be careful when heating around the switch -- it can melt!! Front view of the finished product, after a little bit of trimming with a sharp knife. There we have it.. five new ethernet dongles!
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There we have it.. five new ethernet dongles!
There we have it.. five new ethernet dongles! (z040141456)
z040141456 (31/31): OnePlus-LE2125 ISO160 1/120 f1.9 6.064mm 2022-02-05 14:14
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