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How To Install Pre-Built Firmware Onto HomeBrew Gen3 Hardware

Instead of having to install, update, and learn-to-use the Arduino IDE, another way to program the latest HomeBrew firmware is to use the ESP32 Flash Download tool on MS-Windows. Click here to get the tool, and click here for the firmware image. Then click on the first photo below for step-by-step instructions.
Unzip/Extract the Flash Download Tool, and then click on the .EXE file within it. Two windows should pop up, as shown.
Select ESP32 for the Chip Type.
Then click on OK.
A different window pops up. Download the latest HomeBrew firmware image file, and then click on the "..." on the first table entry. Browse to the downloaded file, and enter its path into the Green area. Put a zero (0) in the smaller entry field to the right of it, and click the checkmark on the left. Down at bottom right, select the appropriate COM port for the ESP32 from the drop-down menu there.
With it all filled in and looking more or less like this, it's time to click on START.
The black text window should come to life, and after a pause the green Download block will show. Watch for the green progress bar at the bottom.
Eventually, the flashing will finish, and the word FINISH will show in the block. Blue in this case, but it might be green on your machine. All done. The HomeBrew Gen3 now has the new firmware!
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