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HomeBrew Telescope Accessories for Celestron Mounts!

These are a few of the popular HomeBrew telescope projects I have created since 2020. Isn't lockdown fun? Complete wiring diagrams and Arduino source code are provided for each, so that anyone can have a go at making them.

HomeBrew GPS (SkySync clone)

Here are the latest instructions for the SparkFun Pro Micro version of this easy project.
The older Pro Mini based version is archived here.
Also see the CloudyNights Discussion Thread.

HomeBrew WiFi+Bluetooth Adapter (3rd-Gen SkyPortal/SkyQLink clone)

Here are the newest instructions for how to assemble this popular project.
The original, more difficult to build version of this project is archived here.
Also see the CloudyNights Discussion Thread.

HomeBrew Ethernet Adapter

Follow along with construction of a HomeBrew Ethernet Dongle for Celestron Telescopes.
Also see the CloudyNights Discussion Thread.

HomeBrew Nunchuck Slew/Focus Controller

Here is a solderless breadboard version of the popular HomeBrew Slew/Focus controller, using a Nintendo Nunchuck game controller.
Also see the CloudyNights Discussion Thread.

My Other HomeBrew Projects

More detailed info on these will be added in the future. Here are the CloudyNights discussion threads for them:

HomeBrew AUX Bus Relay/Extension.
HomeBrew Celestron Compatible Smart Dew Heater Controller.
HomeBrew Mount-USB Connection.
HomeBrew Joystick Slew Controller.
HomeBrew All-In-One (AIO) WiFi+BT+GPS+USB+Ethernet+Joystick.
HomeBrew 5GHz/2.4GHz Dual-Band Wifi+BLE Adapter.
HomeBrew Bluetooth Accessory for Nexstar+ USB Hand-Controllers.
HomeBrew Controller prototype for Celestron Focus Motor.
Standalone Controller for Celestron Focus Motor.
How to use the HomeBrew AUX port Bluetooth Feature.
DeWalt 20V Max power supply for 12V Telescope Mounts.
I also have a StarSense Camera Simulator, but have not released it widely yet. Someday it may grow into a fully functional HomeBrew StarSense Camera.

Telescope Electronics Repairs

I have had success diagnosing and repairing the electronics inside Celestron mounts and hand-controllers:

Fixing Hand-Controller "No Response" Errors.
Evolution Main Board Repairs.
More Evolution Main Board Repairs.

Source code for the All-In-One project

Universal zip archive:
Right-click and "Save-As": allinone.zip (latest version)

Complete pre-configured/patched All-In-One project build environment for Linux

Linux tar archive 331MB:
Right-click and "Save-As": allinone_arduino.tar.bz2

USB Host Shield Library (pre-patched)

Here is the USB Host Shield library with patches already applied to it for the All-In-One project,
and also so that the USB port works for a Nexstar+ hand-controller.
Right-click and "Save-As": USB_Host_Shield_Library_2.0.zip