Previous image Up to current index page (1) Next image Here's the board flipped upright again, with the pins sticking up, ready for wiring. Notice that each pin is labelled in white. The GPS module just plugs onto four of the pins. RED goes to the pin labelled "Vcc". BLACK goes to either one of the two "GND" pins. WHITE goes to the "2" pin (or "D2"), and GREEN goes to the "3" pin (or "D3"). Done. That was easy! Another view of the GPS wiring. Now for the tricky bit. Take your time to get this correct, to avoid frying the telescope mount later! A 6p6c cable is needed, about 24 inches long, with an RJ12 connector on one end only. If it has one on each end, then cut one end off and discard it. With the connector oriented as shown, gold contacts up, the pins are numbered 1,2,3,4,5,6 from left to right.Write down which colour corresponds to which pin number. There is a standard colour scheme, but you cannot rely upon it!! This cable (pictured) seems to use a random colour ordering, quite different from the "standard" scheme. It doesn't matter. Just write down which colour corresponds to which number, 1 through 6, from left to right. Here is the numbering from the cable used here. Remember, the colours will vary from cable to cable, so always look at the connector as shown, and write down the colours from left to right, numbering 1 to 6.Here, I have added the Arduino pin names that correspond to each of the six numbers. Number 1 is not used, so just cut that wire off shorter than the rest to keep it out of the way. Number 6 connects to the Arduino pin labelled "4" (D4), and so forth. Cut back about 1.5 inches of the grey jacket, exposing the six coloured wires. Practice first on the off-cut from the original cable, and only then do it on the 24" piece reserved for this project!Strip about 1/4" (6mm) of insulation from the end of each of the wires, being careful not to cut away the copper conductors themselves.Wire number 1 (white in this case) won't be used, so I later cut it off short to get it out of the way.
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Another view of the GPS wiring.
Another view of the GPS wiring. (gps_connections2)
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