Previous image Up to current index page (1) Next image Same board, the other way around.To continue, click on the right-pointing little blue arrow near the top left. Back side of the board, showing most of the wired connections between parts. Same board, the other way around. I didn't actually wire the 6p6c RJ12 cable directly to my module. Instead, I used a 6p6c modular jack, and wired that to my circuit instead. Again, the wire colours are completely random here, so just ignore those. The long "ends" of the wires shown here got trimmed off after the photo was taken. This 4/5-way splitter sold by Electronics-Salon on Amazon could be a useful addition to the project, especially with telescopes that have only a single AUX port.It has screw terminals for connecting to the project side of things, making it easier to use than hacking up a 6p6c cable. One would then just get a regular 6p6c cable to plug between this and the telescope, and still have three ports left over for other Celestron accessories. The 1,2,3,4,5,6 numbering here matches exactly the pin numbering used within this project. Eg. wire 3 is 12V power, and wire 5 is GND. Here it is all hooked up together and hot-melt glued into a black box. The GPSr is oriented such that the flat ceramic antenna will point skyward when the box is attached (velcro) to the telescope fork arm.
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Same board, the other way around.
Same board, the other way around. (z040211250)
z040211250 (6/18): OnePlus-ONEPLUS A5000 ISO160 1/120 f1.7 4.103mm 2020-12-19 21:12
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